about clara

clara is an aromatic shower mist that’s packed with soothing ingredients found in nature. just turn on the hot water, give clara a spray, and breathe in deeply. clara is also great for baths and steam rooms.
the essential oils and plant extracts in clara interact with shower steam to not only deliver a sensational scent, but also to elicit feelings of calm and serenity. 
we promise - every shower will feel like a shower at your favorite spa. 

why we made clara

popular opinion: we go to spas to reach a deep level of relaxation that we can’t exactly achieve on our own — no matter how many candles we light or pillows we fluff. aside from the ultra-plush bathrobes, one thing all of our favorite spas have in common is a signature scent that takes us to a place of mindful reflection.
we wanted to harness that feeling and bring it into our daily routines. enter: clara.
from the brushed aluminum bottle to the rich concoction inside, clara is all-natural and sustainable, so that you can indulge guilt-free.


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